“Volks”Garten – Cold spell

Graphics, Photography (ongoing)

The Viennese artist Margret Kohler-Heilingsetzer, a price-winner at the International Trienniale Kraków 2006 started her project 2000 (a year of political change in Austria). The title Cold Spell, chosen for publication and exhibition in Theseus temple Volksgarten.

The prints/photoalugraphics are part of this ongoing project. Reflection and the effect of symmetry play a central role in these graphical art pieces to create new forms and places and enables different perspectives. They originated from analogue black and white photos of the rose bushes in the Volksgarten in the centre of Vienna. The rose bushes in winter are covered with sacks, protecting them from the cold. These covers isolate them, rendering them anonymous. They resemble human figures: standing; waiting; discussing; demonstrating… They inspire, provoke and prompt thought, particularly in regard to the famous neighbouring historical sites (Burgtheater, Rathaus, Parlament, Museen, Heldenplatz….) The beginning of the cold months, not only spells changes for roses but harbours changes in our society.

2006 the Viennese artist Margret Kohler-H. presented her project in cooperation with Kunsthistorisches Museum in the Theseus-temple/Volksgarten. The presentation in June stands in stark contrast to the coloured, vivid living summer rose garden. Photos, plates and prints produced and worked out by the artist.

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