Terracotta heads

Different Series, Photographies (ongoing)

Multiple journeys to Mexico and Peru have exposed Margret Kohler-Heilingsetzer to an art-form and a technique, that she absorbed like a sponge: the ceramics, cultivated in this region for thousands of years, obtaining high mastery. Margret Kohler-Heilingsetzer, in addition to her graphic and photographic work, discovered this basically archaic clay-art, as a new means of expression …

Each head shows a person with an individual, expressive face, similar to the wonderful warriors from the emperor’s tomb of Xian. Suffering is common to all, their stories are different. The fact that that she uses clay as a material, earth, from which we come and to which we fall apart again, also contains a deep mystical thought. She wants to remain close to nature, is not adding anything artificial, so the clay figures are not painted, not glazed. They are only composed of different clays, thus they become infinitely vivid, but also remain in their archaic timelessness.”

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