Diario Mexicano, role play (1998-2003)

Technique: serial mixed media on paper

In her artistic works of the past ten years, Margret Kohler-Heilingsetzer got focussed more and more in her themes on the analysis of the female body  partly from her own experience as a woman and relevant psychological situations as well (see Piano Cycle).
It’s a ‘work in progress project’ 1998-2003 the series (more than 40 small sheets/papers) started from fotoalugraphics of female body imprints in sand, two or three different kinds in many duplications/multification. The sheets were overworked with acrylic colour, oilsticks, coloured pencils, crayons and so on. In many variations in an expressive way, colourful, detailed and with great density, first called ‘role playing’. The artist got her inspiration during various stays in different parts of Mexico, with many events/occurencies and observations, becoming acquainted with Mexican way of life an philosophy and the role of women in society, especially their problems, searching for identity a kind of ‘role playing’ disguise and mask, a tense relationship between ‘alegría’ and ‘tristeza’. Each of the pictures is much narrative and symbolic, inspired by old myths and history, Mexican art, traditions, clichés.

The presentation of the small pictures close together in quick succession gives an overall impression like a carpet or Mexican ‘murales’ and the association/feeling of movement and rhythm. You have to look very long to discover details in this multitude/crowd.

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